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1949 – Year in which Desiderio Rinaldi founded the company that bears his name. Thus was born the Desiderio Oil with the first generation at the head, made up of four of the seven Rinaldi brothers, who were orphaned. Reckless and courageous, they invested their commitment and little savings, laying the foundations of the current Desiderio Oil already at the time.

1970 – Twenty years after its foundation, the company name “Olio Desiderio s.a.s.” is officially registered. It still remains the corporate brand, with a great history within it to carry forward with pride.

1982 – Some of the children of the first generation join the company. Thus, the second generation of the Desiderio family is launched: ready to contribute and expand the activities of their parents, they introduce new products and
develop traditional market channels.

1997 – The company, to meet the new needs, expands its historic headquarters. New storage systems, state-of-the-art silos and a new bottling line are purchased to meet the ever-growing demand and to bring an increasingly genuine olive oil to the customers’ tables.

1999 – Olio Desiderio is further renewed: an entire new department is added to the modernization of the offices, that of telemarketing, created to maintain constant contacts with all customers. Professionals dedicated to food information and with certified technical knowledge are trained, including company courses, those of the National Olive Oil Tasters Organization (ONAOO) and continuous updating with in-person visits to new production processes such as visits to the mill.

2017 – The year in which the third generation of Desiderio Rinaldi also becomes part of the large Olio Desiderio family. With them comes a breath of fresh air within the company: thanks to social networks, online communication is renewed, the new tasting room is introduced and participation in international fairs is established.

The work of the DESIDERIO family

An expanding market that arises from the appreciation of the quality on which the product selection work is based. The Desiderio family follows every phase of the production chain. Extra virgin olive oil, to reach levels of excellence, to express the best organoleptic characteristics and maintain its high nutritional value, must follow a path that starts from the olive grove and follows techniques of careful and rigorous processing and processing.

Olio Desiderio use exclusively olivesfrom Italy, checking the harvest that is done manually with the comb method and at the right moment of ripening, thus avoiding that the olives fall to the ground, bruising and deteriorating.
The olives, placed in the baskets, are taken to the mill where the cold pressing and the subsequent centrifugation separate the impurities from the must. Thus was born the prodigy of Desiderio extra virgin olive oil, which travels its way to the tables under continuous controls in order to offer consumers the fragrance of authentic and genuine flavors and aromas.

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