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A passion that has lasted for 70 years


Desiderio Oil is the result of one of the best Italian production processes: from selected olive trees to your table.

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Extra virgin olive oil, to reach levels of excellence, to express the best organoleptic characteristics and maintain its high nutritional value, must follow a path that starts from the olive grove and follows careful and rigorous processing and processing techniques.

The Oliodesiderio flavored condiments follow the qualification process of the oil. In this way, the quality of the raw material is guaranteed. Discover the different aromas selected by Olio Desiderio.

For years Olio Desiderio has chosen exclusively Italian olives, checking the harvest that is done manually with the comb method and at the right moment of ripening. The path to the tables takes place through continuous checks, to offer consumers the fragrance of authentic and genuine flavors.

Olio Desiderio brings to the table a selection of marine products of the highest quality. Tuna, mackerel, anchovy. The simplicity of flavors enriched by the quality of Desiderio production oil.

Ready to amaze everyone in the kitchen? Delight your guests with traditional cuisine. 100% Italian starters with 100% Italian products. Discover the line: Typical Starters.

Yellow and red peppers in oil, borettane onions with balsamic vinegar of Modena IGP, grilled artichokes and much more. Discover the line: Starters and side dishes.

The Desiderio brand fresh pasta.

Sauce and pesto as the made in Italy tradition requires. Very fresh and selected ingredients give life to recipes that have made the history of our country.

Rice is the most widespread and well-known cereal in the world. Desiderio has selected for you Carnaroli rice suitable for the preparation of multiple recipes; first and foremost risotto, but also perfect in soups or for summer salads.

One of the strong points of the Italian tradition. From the careful selection of the beans, a coffee with a strong taste, full flavor and strong aroma is born.

Toasted hazelnuts are a simple but very tasty product, typical of the Langa area. They can be used as a delicious snack or as a base for the preparation of cakes and other desserts.

Discover the typical sweets of Italian pastry, and the great classic liqueurs.


Until the last war, oil on Piedmontese tables continued to be good for gentlemen: the search for this treasure was undertaken by Desiderio Rinaldi who in 1949 decided to try his luck by leaving his father’s farm. The disasters of the war had undermined the scarce economic resources of the family; Thus it was that Desiderio retraced ancient roads, ancient vocations and deep-rooted traditions, laying the foundations of the current company.


His insights, his commitment and his selections made to offer customers a quality product, in a short time led to flattering results and he was joined by the brothers Franco, Teresio and Dante. Today the company has established itself and continues to carry out home sales. The market has become wider and has crossed Piedmont and Italy, establishing itself not only in international catering, but also in the gastronomic centers for the specialties of Made in Italy.

The tastings

Extra virgin olive oil is synonymous with quality: a quality that has always been sought after by all our customers. This is why we at Olio Desiderio offer the opportunity to taste our products, from oil to specialties in jars, thanks to our free guided tastings. Our oil, in fact, has a history to be discovered, made of colors, traditions and flavors rich in meaning. And it is with our tastings that we want to tell it.

The tasting of our oilis a unique experience of its kind, able to conquer and envelop every palate, which will accompany you step by step to discover all the processing phases, from harvesting to milling, without forgetting the perfect gastronomic combinations. Si prosegue con l’analisi olfattiva e visiva delle nostre differenti varietà di olio per arrivare finalmente all’assaggio, partendo dagli oli più dolci e delicati, fino ad arrivare a quelli più amari e piccanti. If we have intrigued you and you want to find out more about our oil, come and try it directly in the company at the cost of 5€ for each person.


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